He has never been crowned with such glory.

He told me about the change in the plan.

My mother was sick for two days.

Dan always gets up early.

This disturbs her.

This horse is not white.

Are you having any chest pain?

Can you keep an eye on them?

I do not know any of them.

Get dressed.

He was carrying an umbrella under his arm.

They voted Ole out.

I agree to his marrying her.

She smiled at me with friendly brown eyes.


We learned that he had an accident.

On a beach in the south of France, some women were returning from a swim and sunbathing topless. Although at first a little surprised, having come from a country with more conservative customs, Miek decided that if men didn't have to wear a shirt, it was only fair that women shouldn't have to either.

Would you mind if I have a look?

She wore a yellow ribbon.

Is it really fair?

His debts amount to two million dollars.

Look at the tall pretty girl standing there.


The man they're talking about has been dead for a long time.

I don't wanna be his friend.

Let's make our own language so no one will know what we're talking about!

He tried to concentrate on the letter.

He has a dog and six cats.


They're racists.

I had to pay in cash.

You have to be over 18 to drive.

Who is the woman standing there?

Edgar arrived at Tony's house in the middle of the afternoon.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?

Let's hope Clay will have the sense to do that.

Shean doesn't want to argue with you.


I voted for Ken.

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What is Manuel's girlfriend's name?

It was last week.

I don't want you involved.

Would you like a cupcake?

I need a rash ointment.


We know you're one of us.

You missed me, didn't you?

Marc has been crying.

I was surprised to get your call.

I don't want to go shopping by myself.

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You need to stop wasting time.


Who are you to tell him what to do?

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.

I'm a student.


I thought you were going to buy that car.

A house built of wood is more easily burnt than a house of stone.

Switzerland is a very beautiful country and well worth visiting.

Francois is angry and frustrated.

Now's not a good time.


If you sign up to Facebook, your information will be sent to intelligence agencies.

You are too big.

Let things take their own course.

Joyce patiently listened to Jin.

Where did you put my book?

I think this is a case in point.

I don't know what else I could've done.

If Nathan becomes insulting, show him the door.

Let's go get a drink.

It's not possible.

Even though the United States is a developed country, it still has some very poor people.

That is, the 'new' Will, as if there could be two wills of the Creator.

Please don't ask me anything more.

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Marnix doesn't feel like studying.


Perry has been brainwashed.

Ray made it clear that he didn't like Ravindran very much.

Rolfe was disgruntled.

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Have you turned in your report?

Let's do this while it's still cool.

My husband notices everything.

I have to tell Ron something.

Whose teacher is coming from the United Kingdom?

I can't stand rudeness.

The waiter set a coffee cup in front of Norman.

Dani came a few days later.

Goodbye, I'll come back tomorrow.


Her lush hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

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His opinion is different from mine.

It's going to be great and exciting to be there.

It's a waste of resources.

Her CDs are not bought by young people.

He promised a mountain of gold.

The police will never find us.

I wish that Sho was here to help us.

She came to see us yesterday.

Are you sure that she's not lying?

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I'm in real trouble.

We are looking forward to receiving your quote as soon as possible.

No woman could measure up to his standard.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today - say all lazy people.

Becky hopes to become a famous painter.


I just hope Alex is safe.


A lot of people climb the railing, and even litter.

Because my old ladder is broken.

I think Kit said he's already read this book.

People are very hospitable here.

He was the perfect man for her.

I have an operation to perform.

Wolf offered to do that for us.

You may stay here as long as you like.

That's how I see it.

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Everyone's worried.

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No matter what I do, she says I can do better.

That was so cool.

James still hasn't come back home yet.

My wife buys vegetables from a supermarket nearby.

The little boy shied away from the TV camera.


I am Kazuto Iwamoto.

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Herve didn't want Lorenzo to swim by herself.


Gunter could refuse.

Let's go dancing, shall we?

Have you already eaten supper?


Were you intoxicated?

Is Rusty your nephew?

I bought the same toaster that Kirk bought.


He is to come here at six o'clock.


Kitty asked Pandora what kind of movies she liked.

It'll be an interesting game.

We firmly believe that when composing sentences, the author should avoid falling into the bad habit inherent in the use of too many unnecessary words, which are actually absolutely superfluous in light of the intended meaning.

I live at 333 Park Street.

Leith does not have access to the database.

He made her happy.

Rob was staring at the floor.


I don't think it gets any better than that!


Only in our store will you find footrests at surprisingly low prices.

Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

I heard that that boy traveled from Hokkaido to Kyushu by bicycle.


The telephone was invented by Bell in 1876.

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Why is Rajesh just standing there?

He stared at him intensely, the gaze not faltering for a moment as the words were gracefully thrown at him.

Holly used to be a member of our club.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

Transgression was normal.

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Geoffrey never permitted Joni to play the piano after 10:00 p.m.

They went on eating in silence.

He became a meme.

As often happens, he slept right through the lesson.

Let's not go crazy!

I have a slow Internet connection.

Yes, it's so lovely night.

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Don't forget the sunhat.

Can any of you suggest another solution?

The brown horse is fast.

Variety delights.

I didn't get an email from anyone today.


This is an example of humanoid.

Her hair style makes her look younger than her age.

Would you like half a sandwich?

I'm going to put my foot down.

How long have you been engaged?


She sounds desperate.

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If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, look it up in your dictionary.

The ship, covered in thick fog, set sail at dawn.

It looks like Hartmann will eat the whole thing.

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Here are the favorites on the pitch.


How many times a day should I feed my dog?


That must be either Vick or John.